1.05 ct Pink Tourmaline

1.05 ct Pink Tourmaline

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Pink tourmaline is a loved gemstone as it can have some very bright pink color saturated across the gemstone. These pink tourmaline are of great quality and bright pink color, they would look good in any jewellery piece. This lot has been heated to bring the best color out in these gemstones. Tourmaline does come in a great range of colors but the pink would be one of the most sort after as ladies love the colour pink and these are great jewellery grade gemstone that will please. 


Origin : Brazil          Clarity : VS - SI Very Slight -Slightly Included          Color: Pink

Size : 5 mm x 5 mm x 4 mm        Cut : Round

Quanity: 2 pieces          Weight : 1.05 carats         Treated : Heat only


Very good jewellery grade gemstone only one parcel available in this listing thankyou